Connect your team

Setup a collaboration project channel

Register and sign-in to the BaselineZ cloud to setup a new collaboration project channel. This channel enables you to invite all project team members and start sharing information about the project, such as latest information, 3D model screenshots, images and documents.

Share 3D Models

Publish your 3D Models to the cloud

From your 3D Modeling application publish your 3D Model data to the cloud and instantly share this data with all your team members. All will be notified of the newly available 3D Model and will be able to visualize and explorer the model in Augmented Reality anywhere they are in the world.

Visualize on mobile

Explore 3D Models in Augmented Reality

At any time you and your team members can use the iPhone and iPad mobile client applications to visualize and explorer any published 3D Model in Augmented Reality. You can do this anywhere you are and experience the 3D model in your current environment. Using the various tools all team members can provide instant feedback on the new published 3D model which will be posted on the project channel.

Mixed Reality experience

Use Microsoft HoloLens to view the 3D Model

Besides instant Augmented Reality visualization on iPad and iPhone, high-end visualization and interaction is provided using Microsoft HoloLens. Experiencing the 3D Model in Mixed Reality allows you to fully understand the model and explore every details precisely.

Host Virtual Meetings

Setup a global Mixed Reality meeting

At any time you can start a virtual meeting with your project team members which join from any physical location, using HoloLens, iPad or iPhone. Meeting in Mixed Reality not only removes global barriers by introducing avatars for all participating team members, but also allows you to truly intact with the 3D Model in stead of doing this behind flat small 2D screens.

Cloud-enabled and mobile first. That's the key of BaselineZ's success. Getting all people on the same page at any time, where ever they are globally and connect via any device.

- Bob Rundle

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-Aria Bazooka


BaselineZ is using social networking concepts you are all familiar with to
get you started quickly.


Using BaselineZ saves time by meeting and discussing 3D Models at any moment. Mimic real life meetings in Mixed Reality and stay up-to-date globally all the time.


We can hook up BaselineZ to your 3D modeling applications to start sharing  project information and data instantly.


You can use BaselineZ for many different project types, such as real-time drilling, 3D field modeling and 3D data delivery.


Get connected with your project team member 24/7 to always stay in touch and share the latest and greatest info.


All BaselineZ application are cloud enabled to enable team collaboration anywhere, anytime and anyhow.


At Craytive Technologies we have 25 years of experience in 3D Geological Reservoir Modeling in the Oil and Gas Industry. We are a software development company providing innovative cloud solutions to optimize your workflows.


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Interested in more information about our BaselineZ Platform, software services, HoloLens experiences or mobile and cloud-based applications? Please contact us so that we can explore opportunities how Craytive Technologies can support your business.

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