3D Model collaboration and information sharing tool

The BaselineZ Platform provides a unique way to integrate modern and innovative technologies into your existing 3D modeling and real-time workflows. Connect with your global team members, customers and partners, instantly share project status, information and even complete 3D reservoir models.   Use Microsoft HoloLens or mobile devices to setup virtual global meetings and discuss 3D models in Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality. Share meeting notes, actions and decisions with the entire project team and stay on the same baseline anywhere and anytime!

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Stay connected anywhere and at any time

The future of Remote Collaboration

3D Modeling Projects

Connect different types of modelling projects to BaselineZ, such as Real-Time Drilling, Geosteering, 3D Field Development and 3D Data Delivery

Save valuable time

Save time and connect people and knowledge by tearing down communication and business silos across your organization and workflows

Immersive Visualization

Visualize your 3D model data as never before with Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality, and walk through the model in your own environment.

Creativity and Productivity

BaselineZ improves both creativity and productivity across users and project team by using new immersive technologies.

Geological Modeling

Explore and analyse your Geological Models as never before
BaselineZ  enables 3D Geological Model visualization and collaboration on any mobile devices or mixed reality glasses. BaselineZ provides you an easy and secure ways to publish your 3D modelling data to the cloud. This enables you to access your data instantly from anywhere and to share it with anyone.
Especially when you are working in global asset teams and with different modelling disciplines, it is essential to share the latest 3D Geological Model and auxiliary information. By using BaselineZ you will be connected 24/7 with all your team members and always stay up-to-date.

Real-Time Drilling

Optimize team collaboration in time critical operations
The compelling reason for using Augmented Reality in drilling scenarios is to improve real-time decision making. Drilling wells into complex reservoirs requires close collaboration of experts from different domains. These experts tend to operate in different technical silos and communicate in terms that might be unfamiliar to other experts. BaselineZ globally connects these experts, enables 24/7 knowledge and information sharing and provides instant visualization and analysis of 3D real-time geosteering results.

How does BaselineZ accelerate your business?


BaselineZ is using familiar social networking concepts and is available on mobile devices and mixed reality glasses. We will get you started quickly.


Using BaselineZ saves time by effective team collaboration, information sharing and discussing 3D Geological models visualization at any moment. Stay up-to-date and informed at the time with your entire asset team.


We can hook up BaselineZ to your own 3D modeling applications and workflow. This allows you to use familiar software and optimize project and team collaboration.


Use BaselineZ for many different projects types and modeling scenarios, such as Real-time Drilling, 3D Field Development and 3D Data Delivery.


Connect with all your project and asset team members anywhere 24/7.  Always stay in touch and share the latest information.


All BaselineZ applications are cloud enabled to facilitate team collaboration anywhere, anytime and anyhow.