Enabling 3D Model Collaboration anywhere

Knowledge Sharing Platform

Set up your project channels, invite your asset team members and instantly start to collaborate and share valuable project information

Improved model insights

Explore 3D holographic models and discover so much more than on a traditional flat screen. Enhance model quality, productivity and decision making.

3D Global Virtual Meetings

Set up virtual 3D collaboration session with your team members to visualize, analyze and discuss models at full-scale. You can set up a meeting both remote and co-located

Work in

Mixed Reality

Use Microsoft HoloLens or display 3D Geological Models in Mixed Reality at very large scale. Transform your environment into an infinite workspace and experience and walk through your models as if you are walking along an outcrop. Invite others to your HoloLens sessions and review your 3D model together, either remote or co-located.

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Available on

Tablets and smart phones

Stay connected 24/7 using the BaselineZ mobile apps on tables and phones. Use Augmented Reality to transform display your 3D modeling and transform your environment into a Geological Modeling environment. Give instant feedback to your colleagues wherever you are globally. Both iOS and Android app are available.


Cloud Enabled

BaselineZ applications are all cloud-enabled to stay instantly connected 24/7 wherever you are. Upload your 3D Geological Model securely to the cloud and be able to visualize and shared this content to all team members. BaselineZ cloud is available as a public secure cloud subscription and can also be deployed is a private cloud solution for your organization.

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JewelSuite™ Addin

BaselineZ is fully integrated with the JewelSuite™ applications from Baker Hughes: Viewer, Subsurface Modeling, Geomechanics, Reservoir Stimulation etc. Using the BaselineZ Addin 3D Reservoir Models can be instantly published to the cloud and than visualize on HoloLens, Tablet and Phones.


Data types

BaselineZ supports a variety of 3D Reservoir Modeling datatypes, such as 3D Seismic Volumes, Wells, Logs, Tops, Well Designs, Horizons and Faults. All this data can be publish to the cloud and visualized in Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality.

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BaselineZ uses secure cloud-based solution, user authentication and encrypted data storage. Your collaboration project are in good hands!


We are located in different regions around the globe and available to get you started as soon as possible. We are here to help!

Custom Development

Looking for a customized collaboration and visualization solution? If required, we can develop custom solutions and data connectors.

How to get started

Step by step introduction to the BaselineZ platform:

Register and sign-in to the BaselineZ cloud to setup a new collaboration project channel. This channel enables you to invite all project team members and start sharing information about the project, such as latest information, 3D model screenshots, images and documents.

From your 3D Modeling application publish your 3D Model data to the cloud and instantly share this data with all your team members. All will be notified of the newly available 3D Model and will be able to visualize and explorer the model in Augmented Reality anywhere they are in the world.

At any time you and your team members can use the iPhone and iPad mobile client applications to visualize and explorer any published 3D Model in Augmented Reality. You can do this anywhere you are and experience the 3D model in your current environment. Using the various tools all team members can provide instant feedback on the new published 3D model which will be posted on the project channel.

Besides instant Augmented Reality visualization on iPad and iPhone, high-end visualization and interaction is provided using Microsoft HoloLens. Experiencing the 3D Model in Mixed Reality allows you to fully understand the model and explore every details precisely.

At any time you can start a virtual meeting with your project team members which join from any physical location, using HoloLens, iPad or iPhone. Meeting in Mixed Reality not only removes global barriers by introducing avatars for all participating team members, but also allows you to truly intact with the 3D Model in stead of doing this behind flat small 2D screens.

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By joining our Early Adopter program, your business can get access to the current BaselineZ applications.

User Cases

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