New BaselineZ 2024.2 Release

New BaselineZ 2024.2 Release, 3D Immersive Story Telling for Geoscience

We are very excited to announce our brand new 3D Immersive and Story Telling release for Geoscience: BaselineZ 2024.2!

Especially for sharing powerful and informative 3D Stories around your CCUS and Geothermal Projects, many new immersive visualizations have been added. Directly connected to Petrel, JewelSuite or RESQML.

Immerse yourself inside a filtered 3D grid attribute like porosity or CO2 injected volumes to truly understand scale, dimensions and relations. Animate a Wellbore trajectory and use the spherical clipping box to focus on the 3D immediate surroundings.

All 3D Visualizations and Stories are available on many devices such as Meta Quest, HTC VIVE, iOS and Android, and fully collaborative around the globe.šŸŒŽ

Interested inĀ BaselineZĀ for @Igloo Vision spaces? Contact us to get started!


New functionalities and improvements:

  • New Grid Property range filtering option
  • New Wellbore animation option
  • Improved visualization of Core LabelsĀ 
  • Significant Seismic Volume loading and slicing performance improvements
  • Significant project loading time improvements for 3D Stories
  • Enhanced Project Panel with User Project and General Settings
  • Enhanced Project Details Panel with Project and Session Settings
  • Additional tools available in Hand Menu
  • By default Secure Websockets is used for multi-user collaboration (used to be UDP)


Download BaselineZ and experience 3D Geoscience Models like never before!


Contact us if you want to see your own 3D Geoscience Models in BaselineZ.

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