Immersive Remote Collaboration in 2021

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Immersive remote collaboration in 2021


Craytive Technologies is showcasing some of the experiences made possible by BaselineZ, a new mixed-reality platform powered by Azure that allows people in different physical locations to join collaborative and shared holographic experiences from various devices. 

Users can teleport their presence using Mixed Reality devices like the Hololens 2 and be present anywhere, even when they are not physically there. You actually feel like you’re together in the same room, working around 3D data that you can touch and interact with, all in real-time.


This is why we’ve been so passionate about mixed reality as the next big medium for collaborative computing, it’s magical when two people see and interact with the same hologram, from two completely different locations.

CEO , Raymond Pols


Based on 25+ year of experience in designing and building 3D Visualization, Modeling and Collaboration software systems for the world-wide Oil and Gas / Energy industry and major customers, BaselineZ initially targets audiences like geoscientists working together on subsurface and reservoir models.  “This will ensure BaselineZ will work well in the domain we know best, and at the same time combining our decades of experience building software development kits, building the platform in a generic manner that will scale towards many other industries too, like engineering, medical, real-estate and architecture.” Pols said.


BaselineZ enables geographically distributed teams to have more collaborative meetings, conduct virtual design sessions, assist others, learn together and host virtual social meetups. 

Users will initially be able to express themselves as avatars in these shared virtual experiences and over time use holoportation to project themselves as their most lifelike, photorealistic selves.

With BaselineZ-enabled applications, everyone who works with 3D models — anything from geoscience models to high-end engineering to medical scans to real-estate experiences — could appear as themselves in a shared virtual space to collaborate and iterate on holographic models, regardless of their physical location.


The idea is to take all this amazing scientific geoscience data we’re collecting and bring it into a holographic setting and use it as a way to guide field development and Geosteering operations in real time

 CTO , Bob Rundle

Geoscientists and engineers can physically walk through a holographic model of a reservoir model under development or production, seeing how all the wells , geology and equipment fits together in three dimensions, potentially avoiding costly mistakes.

Engineering or geology students learning about geology or earth sciences can gather as avatars around a holographic model and remove parts of the model or peel back geological layers to see what’s underneath. 



BaselineZ open standards will give companies the freedom to build solutions that will work across many different devices: HoloLens 2, a range of virtual reality headsets, smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Over time, Craytive said it expects that customers will be able to choose from a growing set of BaselineZ-enabled applications built by external developers and partners, and also to benefit from planned integrations with other products such as Microsoft Team, Slack and Google Drive.


What we have today is the promise, and how soon we can realize that promise, we don’t know. But we think we have a good foundation with BaselineZ and we’ll build from there

CEO , Raymond Pols

That’s precisely the goal:  find solutions that might have previously been dismissed as impossible or too time-intensive, and develop them more effectively with the BaselineZ platform.

When you think about what it actually takes to usher in a new medium for computing, you have to make deep investments across the ecosystem, which is really what Craytive has done.

Now they are ready to invite people to go add value on top of what they created and benefit from the years of intensive R&D behind BaselineZ.

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