New BaselineZ 2024.1 Release

New BaselineZ 2024.1 Release, Elevating Your Experience!

We are excited to announce the launch of our first new release of the new year: BaselineZ 2024.1, bringing a host of new features and improvements to your geoscience XR environment.

We are thrilled to announce the first BaselineZ Release for Igloo Spaces (, where you can visualize BaselineZ 3D Stories at large scale together with colleagues and stakeholders. If you have an Igloo Space in your organization, contact us to get started!

We made great improvements to the BaselineZ Web Portal, like a brand-new Overview Panel available to each Projects showing all the information about that specific Project. Additionally, users can swiftly incorporate a Reference Video, providing a concise overview for newcomers to your project.

Organization and efficiency are evident in the revamped Project Panel within BaselineZ. With the introduction of categories and a powerful filtering option, locating the desired Project has never been easier. Selecting a Project reveals the new Details Panel, showcasing all the Project information before diving into the Project itself.

Discover more new functionalities and improvements in the list below. For a detailed exploration of specific updates and new features, feel free to download the complete feature list provided or contact us for a live demonstration!


New functionalities and improvements:

  • Web Portal Improvements
  • BaselineZ Servers
  • Improved 3D Avatar System
  • Updated Project Panel
  • Improved Seismic Data Visualization
  • PIN code added to sign-in securely for AR applications
  • BaselineZ PCVR UI improvements
  • Game Controller support (like XBox or PS controller)
  • SteamVR support for headsets like HTC VIVE Pro
  • Beta Release Available for testing in Igloo Environments
  • BaselineZ JuwelSuite Addin


Download BaselineZ and experience 3D Geoscience Models like never before!


Contact us if you want to see your own 3D Geoscience Models in BaselineZ.

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