New BaselineZ 2023.3 Release

New BaselineZ 2023.3 Release


BaselineZ team is laser focused on providing immersive value to your drilling
operations and subsurface performance. Ensuring you have the most intuitive and
powerful tools to communicate easily and effectively using immersive technology in
the simplest way.

In this update, our “Laser System” for pointing and highlighting information
provides more precise control and better performance, making it easier to work with
your team, to show what you need to without ambiguity or complexity.

Additionally, you are empowered to easily attach 3D objects to your data, allowing
you to better visualize your projects and bring your ideas to life. We call it the
“Attach System”, whether you’re working on wells, horizons, faults, or any other
type of data gives you the flexibility and control you need to communicate

These updates and many more allow you to work, learn and communicate like never
before – empowering you to accelerate knowledge sharing while doing difficult,
impossible, and expensive tasks easily and inexpensively.


New functionalities and improvements.

  • Attach System empowers you to attach 3D Objects for example on Horizons, Faults, Wells, Seismic, etc. to better visualize and communicate your data.
  • Laser system enhances communication between stakeholders, ensuring more precise control and better performance.
  • Updated fonts for compelling visual aesthetics and interaction.


A free BaselineZ 2023.3 version is available for everyone who wants to try out some example datasets in XR.


Download BaselineZ and experience 3D Geoscience Models like never before!



Contact us if you want to see your own 3D Geoscience Models in BaselineZ.

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