New BaselineZ 2023.2 Release

New BaselineZ 2023.2 Release


Is the context of your subsurface data and presentation lost? We know context changes everything.

Storytelling is critical to advance subsurface and drilling performance. A better understanding of the subsurface is important to meet the needs of energy security, sustainability, and affordability. Until now, the context was lost in communicating risks and opportunities with stakeholders.

BaselineZ 2023.2 unlocks the context and transforms how geoscience and engineering professionals work and communicate. Immerse yourself and your teams in your subsurface data – improve productivity and ensure data context is in view and at your fingertips.

Because when telling the subsurface story, everything comes together and context changes everything.


New functionalities and improvements.

  • Geological Object attributes and Well Logs can now be selected directly using the Context Menu to minimize hand gestures and improved productivity.
  • The 3D Probe now also displays object locations, attributes and log values as well as wellbore MD to enhance analytical model insights.
  • 3D Objects (obj, fbx, glb) can be attached to Information Points, besides images and videos, for unprecedented subsurface context.
  • Discrete attributes and classes are now supported in the Display Legend, for enhanced visual understanding and communication of subsurface data.
  • The actual Core diameter is used to properly scale the 360 degrees Core Images in XR data rooms.
  • The Core Image aspect ratio is used to property scale the core images in XR data rooms.
  • Performance improvements for 3D Grids when displaying full volume, slices and fences.
  • Display options added to change the surface and 3D grid mesh line thickness and fading for improving displays.


3D Stories making use of all new features such as context menu options 3D probe analytics.


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