Visualization of a Geothermal Reservoir in BaselineZ

VFG-Lab works with BaselineZ to visualize a geothermal reservoir and storage system

Geothermal projects are predominantly located in the close vicinity of urban areas as electricity and heat supply need to be connected to the local energy infrastructure. Several stakeholders are thus involved in geothermal projects, ranging from geologists, reservoir engineers, investors to politicians and the local community. A clear and efficient way of communication is fundamental in geothermal reservoir modelling and key for successful project management. In particular, complex subsurface data and geological models are challenging to discuss and explain to non-expert colleagues and the general public.


VFG-Lab collaborated with Craytive Technologies to visualize a geothermal reservoir and storage system in the greater Berlin area with BaselineZ. It is a structural complex system located above one of the many salt diapirs in the area, characterized by intense faulting and up-doming due to salt-movement. The remote collaboration and immersive visualization of the reservoir significantly facilitated and streamlined the modelling process as these complex geological structures could be analyzed and discussed in the group and in virtual reality.


An important part of the initial feasibility study was the incorporation of reservoir analogue data and 3D outcrop models for facies and petrophysical modelling. The common workflow is to bring the outcrop analogue to office using 3D models. With BaselineZ we can also take the opposite approach.


With BaselineZ we were able to bring the reservoir model to the outcrop. This was a truly fantastic experience to visualize the reservoir model in real 3D in front of you, while investigating potential reservoir facies in the field. We were able to discuss the different reservoir scales, hierarchies and structural complexities on the ground, bridging the gap between the model domain and field observations.

Research Associate, Gerd Winterleitner


Engaging with policy-makers and politicians is a vital step in geothermal project development and we decided to use BaselineZ as the main communication platform. Leveraging on the BaselineZ presentation mode and capabilities to showcase additional cultural data (Pdfs, Images etc.). The data room visualization was enormously helpful to present and discuss the project and get key messages across to a non-geoscience audience. The immersive visualisation creates an intuitive understanding of the 3D nature and scale of the project and facilitated the decision-making process.


BaselineZ proved to be an excellent platform throughout the entire workflow for our geothermal reservoir project. Geoscience meets the metaverse and this will be a vital contribution to the success of the energy transition. 

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