(Sub)Salt body Modeling Use Case

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Marco Almeida

Art Director at Craytive Technologies

(Sub)Salt body Modeling Use Case

(Sub)Salt body modeling and communication is challenging. These challenges are exacerbated by using 2D screens to convey these complex 3D subsurface phenomena to teams, management, and stakeholders. The risks extend to evaluation, appraisal, exploration, and development.

Immersive visualization and collaboration technologies are transforming how we solve this challenge today. Meet your team in-person in a virtual 3D room, with your velocity models, salt body interpretations and discuss scenarios, risks, and make decisions in half the time!

Avoid countless weeks or months of screen capture preparations for 2D presentations or screen share to communicate for technical reviews. Simply show up in your 3D models and discuss with your meeting participants – walk around to study different technical or business perspective. The accessibility and convenience are priceless.

BaselineZ gives your freedom back! No need to make countless image snapshots or videos to communicate your subsurface and drilling challenges. Save time and cost today and experience the magic of in-person meetings in a digital world with your 3D geological models.

Credit to SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation, SEAM Open Data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Salt Body Modeling Use Case

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