BaselineZ Drilling Operations Room

Meet and work together on Drilling Operations in a 3D virtual room from anywhere in the world


This virtual room, available 24/7, contains the 3D Drilling Model, a Core Shed and all relevant information on scalable screens. Regardless of your location, you are able to experience and visualize the drilling operations at scale and from different perspectives and discuss scenarios together with colleagues. Review planned vs. actual wellbore trajectories together and compare this with the Geological Model. During ongoing drilling operations you can virtually meet and have quick morning reviews, discuss safety, review real-time wellbore trajectories and compare planned vs real-time wellbore.

Communicate and present more effectively between subsurface and drilling departments and accelerate knowledge sharing between SMEs and stakeholders. The BaselineZ Drilling Operations Room is a solution to reduce operational costs while enhancing efficiency of SMEs during pre-drilling and while drilling operations.


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