New BaselineZ 2022.2 Release

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Metaverse for Subsurface Geoscience
 New BaselineZ 2022.2 release available!

BaselineZ further accelerates experiences, knowledge sharing and decision-making with our new release. Work and Learn differently…in a fun way!

Why work with 3D data in a 2D world when you can with 3D?

BaselineZ provides easy and secure access to immersive 3D subsurface geoscience visualization and remote collaboration, allowing you to remove undue risks of 2D visualization, gain insights and reduce operational costs – using Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Interactive 3D Presentations
 Learn Differently

Imagine being immersed in a 3D PowerPoint presentation, where you interact
with the content, experience and discuss your 3D model and digital twins remotely with participating colleagues/stakeholders. BaselineZ empowers you to host 3D training with geoscience content and accelerate your knowledge sharing sessions.


Sky Room
 Work Differently

Simulate impossible scenarios in our new Sky Room. Bring together your 3D outcrops and subsurface models to share and gain geological insights and relive your physical field trips as often as you want.

Visualize your 3D data and models without limitations, maximize the value of your data and experience true scale in this full immersive world. And if you are simply into cloud watching, enjoy a bright day with your colleagues as you discuss. Available in VR only.


BaselineZ Web Portal Upgrade to Microsoft Azure AD

Your BaselineZ metaverse and cloud has gotten more secure. We continue to create a secure and fun way to experience immersive 3D visualization and collaboration.

Migration to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD B2C) is an enterprise identity service that will provide single sign-on, multifactor authentication and conditional access to guard against 99.9 percent of cybersecurity attacks.


Key New Features

  • Interactive 3D Presentations Rooms
  • Create 3D Presentations (creator mode)
  • Run 3D Presentation (viewer mode)
  • Collaboration Support (run presentations together)
  • Authentication Updates – Azure AD (B2C)
  • Welcome Screen (easy getting started)
  • EULA / Term Check Box.
  • Take Tour option
  • Sky Room
  • Project Panel Updates Panel
  • HoloLens 3D Placement update
  • Unit System Support
  • 3D Grid Demonstration Model
  • Robustness, Performance, Usability

BaselineZ is available now on your smart devices (iOS and Android), Hololens 2 and Meta Quest.

Get started now! Download a free version of BaselineZ and start exploring 3D subsurface geoscience models.

Download BaselineZ

Contact us if you want to see your own 3D Geoscience Models in BaselineZ.

Work and learn differently…in a fun way!

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