Webinar on The Metaverse for Geoscience Professionals

Picture of Marco Almeida

Marco Almeida

Art Director at Craytive Technologies

Did you miss our BaselineZ Webinar on The Metaverse for Geoscience Professionals this week?

You have yet another chance to join us! After many enthusiastic reactions we decided to initiate the same webinar once more. You will receive an invitation soon.

One of the highlights of this webinar is a live interview and demonstration in the BaselineZ Metaverse between Raymond J.W. Pols, the founder and CEO of Craytive Technologies in the Netherlands and Veronica Rubio, Senior Geoscientist at Craytive Technologies, in Ecuador. 

During the webinar you will learn about the Metaverse in general, but especially how the Metaverse could add value to Geoscience Professionals in the Energy Industry and how to further innovate workflow and knowledge sharing using Extended Reality. 

Stay Tuned for our upcoming webinar! 

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