New BaselineZ 2023.4 Release

New BaselineZ 2023.4 Release We are excited to announce the launch of our newest BaselineZ Release 2023.4! Our team has worked hard to make the user experience even better. Firstly, we have completely redesigned several panels to ensure they are…

New BaselineZ 2023.3 Release

New BaselineZ 2023.3 Release   BaselineZ team is laser focused on providing immersive value to your drilling operations and subsurface performance. Ensuring you have the most intuitive and powerful tools to communicate easily and effectively using immersive technology in the…

New BaselineZ 2023.2 Release

New BaselineZ 2023.2 Release   Is the context of your subsurface data and presentation lost? We know context changes everything. Storytelling is critical to advance subsurface and drilling performance. A better understanding of the subsurface is important to meet the…

New BaselineZ 2023.1 Release

Thumbnail Release 2023.1

New BaselineZ 2023.1 Release   Based on many valuable feedback from our global customer base, we announce our new BaselineZ 2023.1 release. BaselineZ is used to improve valuable insights and team communications around difficult, complex and expensive subsurface workflows using…

Visualization of a Geothermal Reservoir in BaselineZ

Men with HoloLens looking at 3D Model

VFG-Lab works with BaselineZ to visualize a geothermal reservoir and storage system Geothermal projects are predominantly located in the close vicinity of urban areas as electricity and heat supply need to be connected to the local energy infrastructure. Several stakeholders are…

(Sub)Salt body Modeling Use Case

Salt Body Modeling Use Case

(Sub)Salt body Modeling Use Case (Sub)Salt body modeling and communication is challenging. These challenges are exacerbated by using 2D screens to convey these complex 3D subsurface phenomena to teams, management, and stakeholders. The risks extend to evaluation, appraisal, exploration, and…

New BaselineZ 2022.2 Release

2 Avatars looking at a 3D Model in the Sky Room

Metaverse for Subsurface Geoscience New BaselineZ 2022.2 release available! BaselineZ further accelerates experiences, knowledge sharing and decision-making with our new release. Work and Learn differently…in a fun way! Why work with 3D data in a 2D world when you can with…

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